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A4S essential guide to valuations and climate change

Led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, this five-step framework provides business valuators with guidance to embed climate change risks and opportunities into business valuations.

Climate change is a pervasive risk that continues to impact businesses regardless of their industry and location across the globe.

For investment and valuation communities, understanding and assessing these impacts is critical to determining the value of businesses and making sound investment underwriting decisions.

The Canadian Chapter of the A4S CFO Leadership Network has developed a five-step framework to help investors and valuators incorporate climate change risks and opportunities into valuations.

This framework – complemented with four case studies – offers practical advice on performing a valuation analysis and documenting the assessment.

If you would like to learn more about the guidance and Excel-based tool from the valuations project team, please watch the A4S Valuations and Climate Change — Deep Dive Webinar. Note: This webinar is available on the A4S YouTube page (external to CPA Canada).

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