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Digital background depicting code technology, atom cell science, and the internet of things

Internet of things (IoT): Enabling real-time data collection and analysis

Learn about the benefits and issues of always-connected devices and sensors for businesses, as well as practical tips on how to manage associated risks.

IoT devices are already embedded in our lives and businesses. Appropriate use of IoT devices will support near-real-time data collection and analysis that will lead to better and more timely data-driven decision making. In addition, IoT will further enable automation and allow businesses to transform processes and increase operational effectiveness (e.g., predictive maintenance).

Already there are many real-world applications for the IoT that can benefit businesses and consumers. The Internet of Things: Technology Spotlight provides an overview of the benefits, issues and risk mitigation strategies for companies looking to leverage IoT.

Key tips include:

  • how to leverage edge computing to process IoT data to eliminate amount of sensitive data being transmitted and reduce network bandwidth requirements
  • how best to comply with organizational IT policies
  • dealing with network accessibility and data protection