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Our tech resources covering artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto-assets, data analytics and more, will help you stay ahead of the digital curve and drive value in your workplace.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for organizations to become more digital. Many have adopted new software and tools to enable digital workflows and maintain business operations. As a CPA, to effectively respond, you must have a strong understanding of these technologies and be able to harness data to drive better decision making. Our free, practical resources will help you build the important skills of the digital age so that you can adapt and thrive in this new reality.


Artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Robot AI concept
AI and machine learning for complex business decision-making
This six-part series of 10-minute reads illustrates the versatility and ubiquity of new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and spotlights CPAs’ changing competencies and emerging opportunities in this area.

Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on monitoring system softwareRobotic process automation: Technology spotlight
Daniel Zbacnik, FCPA, FCA, provides an overview of the benefits, challenges and examples of how RPA can be leveraged within the finance function. In addition, this spotlight answers key questions, such as what types of processes are best suited for RPA implementation, how do you design controls to monitor RPA-led processes, and who are some of the vendors in the RPA space?

Technology and digitization

Hands on a transparent computer keyboard with binary code floating above on blue background.
Why should CPAs code?
Learn how coding skills can benefit CPAs in finance and accounting roles, which programming languages are in demand, and how to get started.

Satellite image of the Earth superimposed with digital connectivity icons connected by lines.Get digital right: Overcoming barriers to digital transformation
How are finance leaders across the country viewing digital transformation? Learn about their journey; the common barriers they face and best practices to overcome them.

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Blockchain and crypto-assets

Cryptocurrency mining rigs sit on racks at a facility.Viewpoints (Auditing crypto-assets): Auditing mining revenue of entities engaged in crypto-asset mining
Read this FAQ to learn about considerations when auditing crypto-asset mining revenue and check out the illustrative examples included in the appendix.

 Golden coin with Bitcoin symbol and technological network icons around it.Technological disruption of capital markets and reporting? An introduction to blockchain
This paper is intended to raise awareness of blockchain technology, provide examples of current blockchain initiatives and consider how capital markets and reporting might evolve as blockchain technology is further developed and implemented.

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Data analytics

Business person using a magnifying glass to examine business documents
An inside look at how auditors in Canada are using data analytics
Find out what auditors from nine public accounting firms are saying about their experiences in applying data analytics to their financial statement audit engagements and how others can leverage their insights.

Woman walking down a narrow corridor with electronic data walls on each side.
From Data to Decisions: A five-step approach to data-driven decision making (Guideline)
Looking for a competitive advantage? Learn how data-driven decision making can turn your organization's data into gold.

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External resources

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s Technology Focus Area Webpage 

An independent standard-setting body, the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) serves the public interest by setting rigorous international standards for auditing and related services. The group has provided a list of resources to help auditors make the most of the technology available to them.

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