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How could automation and AI change the CPA’s role? Resources for CPAs

Explore our resources covering the potential impact of automation and AI on the accounting profession, how it could affect the audit and finance functions, and ways it could transform the way you work.

Take an in-depth look at current and future uses of AI and automation in accounting and get the knowledge required to initiate thinking in your organization about using this technology.

Our AI and automation guidance resources take you from a foundational knowledge of the technology to a greater understanding about the opportunities and challenges AI and automation can bring to your role. In addition, learn more about implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the exciting future possibilities of cognitive automation.


  • what you should know about AI and automation as a CPA
  • how AI and automation might change your role
  • considerations for an AI-enabled audit
  • how AI and automation could affect the way you do business
  • the types of processes best suited for RPA implementation 

Key Takeaways:

  • AI and automation will improve productivity while reducing human errors
  • CPAs need to develop new proficiencies in AI and automation to better support their clients and the organizations they work for

“Every challenge in business is an opportunity for AI, and yet organizations are holding back due to a mistrust in AI.  CPAs can play a leading role in developing the governance and controls needed to trust in AI, while at the same time utilizing AI to transform management and financial accounting.”

Cathy Cobey, FCPA, FCA, global trusted AI advisory leader, EY


Business person using various digital devices, with different global and business icons overlaid. A CPAs Introduction to AI: From Algorithms to Deep Learning, What you Need to Know
In collaboration with AICPA, we have issued this publication as a foundational resource for all CPAs. It explains the AI “buzzwords” and terms you have likely been hearing, discusses the evolution of data, AI and computing power and helps you begin learning about AI and how it might impact your work. Download now.

Financial technology concept. Stock chart. Investment. Fintech.The Data-Driven Audit: How Automation and AI are Changing the Audit and the Role of the Auditor
This second publication with AICPA explores the benefits of an AI-enabled audit and examines how AI will evolve the audit and the role of the auditor. It also considers the change in mindset required to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities this evolution presents. Download now.

Business graphs and currency blending with digital algorithms Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Accounting and Finance
This forward-looking paper is part of a broader conversation we are initiating on the potential impact of AI and other technologies on the accounting profession. Download now.


Finger touching virtual icon representing person and the client’s financial ideas surrounded by other smaller business virtual iconsBuilding Ethical AI solutions: Using the Ethics Funnel and a Trusted Framework
Read about key messages heard at a recent symposium that explored the intersection of technology and ethics, and what that means for the way we do business, run our organizations and manage risk. Download now.

Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on monitoring system softwareRobotic Process Automation: Technology Spotlight
Daniel Zbacnik, FCPA, FCA, provides an overview of the benefits, challenges and examples of how RPA can be leveraged within the finance function. In addition, the spotlight answers key questions such as what types of processes are best suited for RPA implementation, how do you design controls to monitor RPA-led processes and who are some of the vendors in the RPA space? Download now.

“Our ability to serve our advertising customers is directly impacted by our ability to automate processes, make them faster, be more efficient, and more accurate at the same time.”

Jennifer Barber, CFO, Community and Daily News Brand at Torstar


Photo of Amanda HaneyInterview with Amanda Haney, CPA, CA (VP, Finance at EIC Shared Services)
Amanda leads a finance organization that supports seven companies and processes over 5,000 invoices a month. She shares how her finance team took the lead on initiating RPA within the organization, which types of processes are most ideal for RPA, and the various roles CPAs can play within an implementation. Watch now.

Photo of Jennifer BarberInterview with Jennifer Barber, CPA, CA (CFO, Community and Daily News Brand at Torstar)
Jennifer is a finance leader of a public company. She explains how RPA helped her finance organization automate processes to make them faster and more accurate, which freed up resources and allowed her team to spend more time with clients and focus on analytics. Watch now.


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