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AI and machine learning for complex business decision-making

This six-part series of 10-minute reads illustrates the versatility and ubiquity of new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and spotlight CPAs’ changing competencies and emerging opportunities in this area.

The data explosion and the need for real-time decision support means that AI and machine learning is necessary for humans to deal with data and problems that are increasingly complex. Prepared in collaboration with an important academic stakeholder, the Master of Management and Professional Accounting (MMPA) Program at the Institute for Management & Innovation at University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) , this series highlights the presentations by leading academics, practitioners, and innovators, and shares their expertise and advice on AI and its impact on the CPA profession.

Who should read this?

This six-part series is applicable to all CPAs, practitioners, and firms who want to deepen their understanding about the impacts that AI and machine learning can have on business decision-making. Regardless of the size of the organization, and whether you are adapting your existing technology or looking to adopt something new, the following resources are relevant for any CPA looking to explore the evolving competencies and opportunities with technology in complex decision-making within the profession.

Download and read the following free papers to generate a competitive advantage with trusted AI as a CPA.

Close view of businessman drawing on screen market infographsPart 1: From Excel to AI: The analytics evolution
Learn about the analytics evolution and the way CPAs in finance and audit need to adapt their analytics skillset to keep up with this rapidly changing field.

Hand using tablet with abstract digital business screen. Technology and analytics concept. Double exposurePart 2: Technology for problem solving
Study the application of AI in three use cases to overcome the digital transformation trap and avoid the common pitfall of falling in love with new technology.

Double exposure of businesswoman hand using digital global connection icons and networking data exchanges with modern technology layer effect and business strategy concept, blurred background.Part 3: Systems thinking and a framework for applying AI
Gain insights to systems thinking – a critical-thinking competency for CPAs – and a framework for applying AI and machine learning to complex business decision-making.

Data security concept design for personal privacy, data protection, and cyber security. Padlock with Keyhole icon on blue background.Part 4: Data and trust
Examine data management value chains, new roles for CPAs, and initiatives to ensure that data and AI systems are used fairly, accountably and transparently.

Businessman handprint leaning on control glass for biometric scan. concept of surveillance and security through human fingerprints in the future of digital technology.Part 5: Humans, machines and humachines
Discover emerging organizations called humachines and the way CPAs’ human and technical skills can play a role in commercializing Canada’s AI start-ups.

concept of big data or digital transformation technologyPart 6: Moving to an AI advantage
Explore how companies move to an AI advantage and the steps CPAs can take to be future-ready.