A CPA's introduction to AI: From algorithms to deep learning

Learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) in the first of a planned series of publications to explore AI and its impact on the CPA profession.

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In collaboration with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), CPA Canada has issued this publication, A CPA's Introduction to AI: From algorithms to deep learning, what you need to know, as a foundational resource for all CPAs. It explains the AI "buzzwords" and terms you have likely been hearing (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation, computer vision, etc.), discusses the evolution of data, AI and computing power, and helps you to begin learning about AI and how it might impact your work.

This publication is just a starting point. Future publications will address the impact of AI on CPAs, ranging from CPAs in business to assurance professionals.

CPA Canada and the AICPA encourage all CPAs to continue to learn about AI and other technologies that may impact you as a CPA.