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Roundtable report: Climate-related reporting in the energy sector

The TMX and CPA Canada convened a roundtable of Canadian finance and investor relations professionals from the energy sector to share views on growing investor requests for climate-related information. Read our report to learn what we heard.

There is growing and widespread appreciation of the economic and societal implications of climate risk among investors. Recent research by CPA Canada highlighted how institutional investors are using climate-related information in decision-making and the types of specific information they are looking for from companies, driven in part by the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX) and CPA Canada talked to representatives in the energy industry to better understand how they are responding to these developments, the challenges they are facing, and future plans to enhance their climate-related disclosures.

For additional information

For more information and guidance on climate-related disclosure, please visit our TCFD page, and the TSX Learning Academy.