Canadian Professional Engagement Manual (C•PEM): Providing guidance on performing effective engagements

A valuable resource for your practice, C•PEM provides a comprehensive road map to performing effective and efficient engagements in Canada.

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Your roadmap to performing effective engagement.

The essential guide to performing effective audit, review and compilation engagements for small and medium-sized entities, Canadian Professional Engagement Manual (C•PEM) provides practical direction for applying the key requirements and concepts in the professional standards.

It delivers:

  • a step-by-step approach to completing audit, review and compilation engagements that address the key requirements and concepts in the professional standards
  • practical guidance and illustrations that will help you comply with the Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS) and Other Canadian Standards (OCS) in the CPA Canada Handbook –  Assurance
  • comprehensive practice aids, including detailed engagement forms and over 70 sample letters
  • a descriptive chart that outlines the updated 12-step audit process
  • illustrative case studies and sample completed forms
  • references and links to the relevant CAS objectives in the CPA Canada Handbook – Assurance (links apply to electronic versions only)
  • a new chapter that provides guidance on completing the working paper file
  • a PDF of the publication Model Financial Statements – Private Enterprises


Subscribers receive exclusive access to the updated C•PEM website, which contains valuable information on how to use C•PEM, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


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