Quality management guide

A comprehensive, peer-reviewed approach to guide practitioners in adhering to the relevant standards and support the effective evaluation, design, implementation, and maintenance of your firm’s system of quality management (SOQM).

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The all-new Quality Management Guide (QMG) replaces its predecessor, the Quality Assurance Manual (QAM). This important change will help practitioners better navigate their approach to risk assessment and make informed decisions about quality management that are in alignment with updated compliance requirements and current best practices.

A key element of QMG that differs from QAM is the coverage of entirely new material regarding Canadian standards on quality management. This includes a clear mandate for firms that perform assurance engagements to design and implement a system of quality management by December 15, 2022 – and for firms performing only related services engagements, by December 15, 2023.


  • understand the requirements of CSQM 1, CSQM 2 and CAS 220
  • develop a customized SOQM
  • assign leadership roles and responsibilities
  • identify and assess quality risks for your firm and the engagements you perform
  • document compliance with your quality management policies and procedures
  • monitor your SOQM and identify and remediate deficiencies identified
  • continually improve your firm’s SOQM
  • review your SOQM on an annual basis


  • application guidance
    • “how to” implement the requirements including:
      • establishing roles and responsibilities
      • establishing and performing the risk assessment process
      • responding appropriately to identified quality risks
      • establishing and performing the monitoring and remediation process
      • evaluating the SOQM
  • core practice aids
    • The forms necessary to successfully apply Canadian Standards on Quality Management (CSQM) and Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS)
      • Specifically: CSQM 1, CSQM 2
  • supplemental practice aids
    • Forms, checklists, letters, libraries and worksheets to help implement the SOQM
    • Sample policies and procedures to address potential quality risks
  • case study
    • learn from a sample firm with circumstances that demonstrate real-life implication
    • see how a SOQM is designed using the core practice aids to meet the requirements of CSQM 1

Prices may change without notice.