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Finding the right related services or assurance engagement

Given the broad range of possible assurance and related services available, explore our list of resources to help determine the appropriate level of practitioner involvement to best meet your clients’ needs.

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Finding the right related service

Access the decision-maker framework and other resources that will help you guide your clients in determine the type of engagement that suits the need of the intended user.

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Practitioner alert: Comparing compliance engagements

Read this comparative summary to obtain a basis for discussions to help clients and potential clients decide what type of compliance engagement is likely to best meet their needs.

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Understanding reports on financial statements

Help your clients learn about financial statements and the different levels of service a CPA can provide with respect to communications on the financial statements (i.e. audit, review or compilation).

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New assurance reports on compliance: What you need to know

Learn about the new requirements pertaining to attestation and direct engagements to report on an entity's compliance with an agreement or specified authority.

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Implementation tool for practitioners: Compliance engagements

Learn about the steps required in order to implement CSAE 3530 and 3531, and complete a compliance engagement.

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Compliance reporting: Briefing for management and third parties

Help your client identify the key issues to consider when they or a third party requests a report to obtain assurance on an entity’s compliance with an agreement or a specified authority.

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Assurance beyond the financial statements: Reports on system and organization controls

When the term "audit" is mentioned, what comes to mind for most is the historical financial statement audit. But CPAs can provide assurance on many other types of information.

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CSRS 4460: New standard, supplementary matters

Learn about a new standard for reports on supplementary matters under Canadian Standards for Related Services (CSRS) 4460.
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Client briefing: CSRS 4460

Help your client understand what they need to know and do when they receive third-party requests to provide supplementary information.
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Agreed-upon procedures engagements: Practitioner alert

Learn about the new standard CSRS 4400, Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements, and how it impacts you.

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Looking for answers to common questions about implementing CSRS 4400, Agreed-upon Procedures Engagements? Check out our free resource for practitioners.

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Our blog gives you timely, practical, and relevant information that will help you better perform your evolving role as an audit and assurance professional.

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Audit and assurance

Elevate your practice using CPA Canada's Audit and Assurance resources. Leverage our comprehensive, timely and practical expertise on auditing standards to lead with confidence.

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