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Collaboration with the competency map committee

The collaboration process between key stakeholders and the Competency Map Committee (CMC) produces revisions to the qualifications for those entering the CPA profession. Learn how these revisions reflect the current and future business environment.

The CPA Competency Map lays the foundation for the CPA certification program, including education, accreditation, examinations, and practical experience requirements. It also describes the knowledge, skills and proficiency levels candidates must achieve to become a Canadian CPA. 

The 2022 CPA Competency Map is the product of months of planning and development, all led by the Competency Map Committee (CMC).

The competency map committee

Established as a formal committee in 2016, the CMC was responsible for leading the planning and development of both the 2020 Competency Map and the 2022 Competency Map. It is comprised of eight members appointed by the provincial/regional CPA bodies, includes representation from firms, academia, not-for-profits, government, and industry, and is supported by various CPA Canada resources. The CMC works in partnership with key stakeholders, including:

  • advisory groups
  • employers
  • academics
  • members

CMC Members


Colette A Miller, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D
Wilde & Company Olson Law


Arsineh Garabedian, CPA, CA
Simon Fraser University / Douglas College
Sector: Academia
Province/Region: Western

Benoit Lavigne, CPA, CA
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Sector: Academia
Province/Region: Quebec

Christopher A. L. Lazarz, CPA, CA
Algoma Central Corporation
Sector: Industry
Province/Region: Ontario

Glenn Leonard, PhD, CPA, CA
University of New Brunswick
Sector: Post-Secondary
Province/Region: Atlantic

Laura MacLaughlin, CPA, CA, FEA, Partner
Grant Thornton LLP
Sector: Public Practice
Province/Region: Atlantic

Mary Margaret Murphy, CPA, CMA
Regional Municipality of Niagara
Sector: Public Sector
Province/Region: Ontario

Regan Schmidt, PhD, CPA, CA
University of Saskatchewan
Sector: Academia
Province/Region: Western

Support staff

Silka Millman, CPA, CA, MEd
CPA Canada

Andy Thomas, MBA, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois, U.S.A.), CGMA
CPA Canada

Cheryl Pereira, CPA, CA
CPA Canada

Alessandro Nicastri
CPA Canada

Dennis Shon, CPA, CA, CCXP
Consultant to CPA Canada

Susan K. Wolcott, PhD, CPA (Colorado, U.S.A.), CMA (U.S.A.)
Consultant to CPA Canada