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Other international accounting professionals seeking the Canadian CPA designation

Learn about the process for providing individual assessments of international accounting professionals to become Canadian CPAs when they are not members of international accounting bodies with whom the Canadian profession has an established agreement.

If you are not a member of an international body with an MRA, RMA or MOU with CPA Canada, you will not automatically be eligible for exemptions from any education or examination requirement of the Canadian CPA program. Your education and credentials will be individually assessed by the provincial/regional body in which you want to become a member, and you will be provided with details on the steps you must take to gain accreditation.


You can apply for credential assessment by arranging for the submission of your academic and professional credentials to the CPA body in the province/regional in which you plan to reside.

For more detailed information, refer to this FAQ document.

Language Benchmarking

The CPA PEP is a graduate-level academic program requiring a high level of English language proficiency. Success depends on the student’s ability to understand and articulate ideas orally and in written form with detailed descriptions, opinions and explanations. It is strongly recommended that students have achieved a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of at least Level 8 in reading, writing, comprehension and listening at the time of enrolment.

For information on language proficiency requirements in Quebec, please contact CPA Quebec.