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Carl Oxholm

Carl Oxholm


Carl Oxholm, CPA, CA, COC
Founder & CEO, Virtue Compass Inc.

Carl is founder and CEO of Virtue Compass Inc. (VCI). VCI helps individuals and organizations alike optimize their energy and manifest their intention. If the quality, focus and expression of our energy is less than optimal, underperformance will ensue; and if we’re not conscious about how to intentionally focus on our manifesto (i.e., stated mission, vision and values), then even the best energy will risk misdirection. Using modern science and ancient wisdom, VCI addresses both challenges with remarkable, positive impact. 

Prior to creating VCI, Carl spent almost 30 years with PwC Canada in a variety of executive leadership roles. As a senior equity partner, Carl led service teams with an exceptional track record, spanning multiple industries. A lead partner on some of PwC’s largest national (and global) priority clients, he enjoyed testing the power of positive influence. As PwC Canada’s national leader of Culture & Leadership, he developed PwC’s service offering around enhanced emotional intelligence (EI) - increasing one’s capacity to cope and thrive amidst growing demands and expectations.

He is a certified optimize coach and was PwC Canada’s national partner coaching leader, where he led a faculty of professional external coaches, sat on several of PwC’s global steering committees, and was a founding member of both the PwC Canada Charitable Foundation and its Women in Leadership programs.

Carl continues to respond to numerous ongoing requests to be a keynote speaker – sharing practical insights derived from his many years of experience, and the unique roles that he has enjoyed within the professional services industry. Carl has travelled the world providing talks and facilitating workshops that involve culture change, EI and leadership development. Having helped numerous global companies, not-for-profit organizations, and professional associations alike, he often says that it is his privilege and pleasure to serve wherever needed.