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Formulas and functions for financial spreadsheets in Excel

Discover a wide range of powerful tools within Excel to maximize the functionality and impact of your financial spreadsheets using Microsoft 365.

The more you know about Excel formulas and functions, the better equipped you will be to present financial information in meaningful ways. This course provides the basic formulas and functions to transform your Excel sheets into dynamic calculators. You will learn how to apply formulas, build out an income forecasting system and cash flow and balance sheets, and analyze inventory data.

This online video-led course is performed using Excel for Microsoft 365 and includes an eBook and practical examples that are yours to keep.

Note: This course can be taken individually or as part of the Comprehensive Excel certificate program.

  • The difference between Excel formulas and functions
  • Simple formulas, including those that use ranges as inputs
  • The differences between absolute and relative cell referencing  
  • Using functions within formulas  
  • The concept of nesting formulas  
  • Basic uses of mathematical and logical functions 

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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