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Carey Stevens

Carey has over 45 years of experience in behavioural psychotherapy and forensic assessments and over 25 years of experience in the execution of large, complex business transformations. His guiding philosophy is to integrate psychological principles with innovative management practices that resolve complex organizational challenges and result in sustainable personal changes.

Carey’s unique history of blending psychological and business insights, coupled with his hands-on style, has provided his clients with deeper and more insightful executive coaching, transformational change management, talent management and career transition within a business transformation environment.

As a business leader, Carey co-founded PSS, an organizational consulting company that was acquired by Deloitte Consulting in 1996 with the mandate of developing and delivering a comprehensive change management program throughout Deloitte worldwide. As a Deloitte consultant, he spent the last five years as their Canadian Change Management Practice Leader.

In the finance/banking area, within the context of a merger/integration, Carey was the special advisor to the chief integration officer, where he assisted the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, senior executive team, vice-president of human relations, communications and the Board of Directors.

Within the public sector, Carey created, developed and delivered the first evidence-based talent segmentation process in the Canadian Federal Government. This program then became linked to an ongoing coaching and learning and development planning process and is paving the way for the Innovation and Information Technology Branch to become truly innovative and set the standard for people development.

Presently, Carey is the owner of Business Psychologists, Inc.