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CPA PEP admission requirements for workforce applicants without an undergraduate degree

If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, you may still be able to get into the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) by fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

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As a mature student with no undergraduate degree, you may still be able to enter the CPA PEP. To do so you must:

  1. have at least eight years of relevant experience in any of the CPA technical competency areas: 
    • financial reporting 
    • audit and assurance 
    • strategy and governance
    • management accounting
    • finance and taxation

    — with any two competency sub-areas developed to at least a Level 1 proficiency as identified in the CPA Practical Experience Requirements (CPA PER) document

  3.  submit a comprehensive résumé detailing all your current and past work experience, community service and volunteer activities to your provincial/regional body 
  5. submit official transcripts for any university or college courses you have taken to your provincial/regional body
  7. submit three letters of reference to your provincial/regional body from a:
    • current employer
    • CPA colleague or a member of an international accounting body that has a reciprocity agreement with CPA Canada
    • personal character reference
  8. submit a personal statement to your provincial/regional body about the desire, capacity and commitment that you will bring to your pursuit of the CPA designation
  10. successfully complete prerequisite subject area coverage