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CPA Canada remains committed to a unified Canadian accounting profession

Canada’s Chartered Professional Accountants are known for their integrity, fairness, and transparency. At CPA Canada, we believe that we must always try to live up to those qualities—and now is the time to do so.

TORONTO, June 21, 2023 — CPA Canada has worked with the provincial, territorial and Bermudian CPA bodies to find a path forward on governance and how best to represent CPAs nationally since the unification of the profession a decade ago. More recently, we entered into discussions with CPA Ontario and CPA Quebec to progress the issue.

CPA Canada is disappointed and surprised that CPA Ontario and CPA Quebec have decided to sever ties with the national organization, triggering an 18-month withdrawal period in accordance with the terms of the current collaboration agreement. This decision comes despite the progress made recently and our desire to find a successful resolution.

We share the goals of all provincial, territorial and Bermudian CPA bodies in improving our governance framework, enhancing transparency and accountability so that the CPA profession can continue to prosper, best serve the public interest and attract new members.

Throughout this process, CPA Canada has demonstrated openness to many of the proposals put forward. We remain fully committed to addressing the items raised with a sense of urgency.

CPA Canada firmly believes that any resolution must involve all provincial, territorial and Bermudian CPA bodies and not solely focus on the wishes of one or two provinces. It is essential to provide sufficient time for consulting with members, relevant stakeholders, federal and provincial governments, and to obtain provincial and territorial board approval.

We strongly recommend that CPA Ontario and CPA Quebec re-engage with CPA Canada, including all provincial, territorial and Bermudian bodies, and work with a world-class conciliator to guide future deliberations. Establishing a clear timeline to achieve this goal without further delay would align with our mutual obligations and best serve the entire profession.

The myriad challenges and demands facing the profession—including sustainability, technological change and economic uncertainty—are global in nature and CPA Canada firmly believes in the need for a unified profession.

We remain committed to constructive dialogue and finding a mutually beneficial resolution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved.