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Annual report 2022-23 cover.

CPA Canada annual report 2022-2023

It was a remarkable year, filled with challenges, transformation and achievements for the Canadian accounting profession. Read the annual report.

The accounting profession is breaking new ground, moving beyond its traditional spheres and showing leadership in some of the most important changes impacting the global business community.

CPA Canada remains committed to supporting the profession in real and impactful ways. We share the goals of all provincial, territorial and Bermudian CPA partners to advance our governance framework, enhancing transparency and accountability so that the CPA profession can continue to prosper, best serve the public interest and attract new members.

Here are some highlights from the past fiscal year. Read the full report to learn more.

Graphic showing 2022-23 highlights: 7300 volunteers, 100 tax meetings, 100,000 financial literacy attendees, 3 new DEI modules, 56 tonnes reduction of carbon emissions.

View the financial statements of CPA Canada as of March 31, 2023.