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Policy and advocacy

Good public policy seeks to enhance our society and economy. We are proud to contribute to the dialogue with government, parliamentarians and other stakeholders on a range of issues that matter to all Canadians.


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Anti-money laundering policy

Money laundering is a global issue which is illegal, unethical and harmful. In Canada, it poses threats to our national reputation, economy, and society. CPA Canada recognizes these threats and contributes to federal policy development.
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Strengthening corporate and beneficial ownership

Read CPA Canada’s response to the Government of Canada’s consultation paper, “Strengthening Corporate Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Canada.”
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Beneficial ownership transparency: International approaches

Beneficial ownership information is considered a key factor in fighting money laundering and other financial crimes. Learn how various models for beneficial ownership transparency are reflecting an evolving landscape, as viewed by professional accountants internationally.
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Anti-money laundering resources

CPA Canada and CPA provincial and territorial bodies are collaborating in the fight against money laundering. We have resources on what CPAs need to know to comply and protect themselves, their clients, and their organizations.
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Tax and fiscal policy

We advocate on behalf of the public interest for responsible fiscal management and for a simple, fair, efficient and competitive tax system for Canadian taxpayers and businesses.
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Canadians deserve a better tax system

The tax system is fundamental to a competitive environment, inclusive growth and a fair society. It affects people's daily lives and it urgently needs an overhaul. CPA Canada is calling for the first comprehensive tax review since 1967.
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Brief: Tax policy as Canada rebuilds

As the government seeks to rebuild the economy, we explore how key tax principles and themes should help to shape recovery-related measures mentioned in 2020 in the Throne Speech, the Fall Economic Statement and in other forums.
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Briefing: Case for fiscal anchor framework

Government support to Canadians during the pandemic has dramatically altered its fiscal position. Expanding on our recommendation that government adopt a fiscal anchor, we explore how best to achieve that goal, allowing for some flexibility.
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It’s time to rethink tax expenditures

Sound tax policy is key to building a better, fairer Canada. Our brief explores why the government should be cautious in adding any new tax expenditures to Canada’s overly complex tax system.
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