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The Economist’s corner: Insights for prosperity

CPA Canada’s Chief Economist, David-Alexandre Brassard, provides insights on issues that shape Canada’s economy and drive business performance. Follow David-Alexandre for up-to-the-minute economic data and thought-provoking insights and analysis.

David-Alesandre Brassard

David-Alexandre Brassard is a sought-after speaker and commentator on economic and social issues that drive the Canadian economy. He provides a curated grouping of economic indicators that business professionals can rely on for decision-making, along with research and analysis that offers food for thought for governments, business leaders and anyone with an interest in Canada’s economic growth and prosperity.

Work area with computer monitor and bulletin board.

Economic data portal for Canadian business

Good decision making requires current data. This portal provides up-to-the-minute data about the economy – debt, inflation and labour markets – along with other leading indicators to support business decisions.
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Top view of sustainable community area among skyscrapers.

A just transition for Canadian communities

Making the transition to a more sustainable economy can be more difficult for certain Canadian communities due to their reliance on high-emission industries. Can the transition be just and fair for all?
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Travelers walking through airport concourse

Betting (too) big on immigration

Boosting immigration to grow the economy comes with challenges that are being overlooked
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Shot of a young couple going over their finances together at home

Generational wealth: is it harder for young people to get ahead?

There are several reasons why Generation Z and millennials may be finding it more difficult to accumulate wealth than their baby boomer parents did
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View from below of Toronto business district.

Is the Canadian banking system as solid as it is said to be?

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the same kinds of bank crises in this country as we’ve seen with several financial institutions around the world. Here’s why
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Business Monitor

The CPA Canada Business Monitor captures the business expertise and strategic insight of professional accountants in corporate leadership roles.
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