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Data is a goldmine in cutting carbon emissions

How 360 Carbon Excellence is helping business leaders take action

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A group of businesspeople are shown on a construction siteThe 360 Carbon Excellence program empowers all staff, from management to workers on the floor, in the carbon reduction process (Photography courtesy of St Marys Cement & 360 Energy Cement & 360 Energy)

Understanding energy and carbon data is a goldmine. There is a fortune to be found in the information your company collects, but only if it’s “mined”—understood, applied, and acted on—effectively.

The finance sector—like any other—has a part to play in the collective journey to reduce carbon emissions and get to net zero by 2050. Taking a deeper dive into energy and carbon-related data can help organizations find insights into what they can improve and how they can drastically reduce emissions. It’s why 360 Energy is launching 360 Carbon Excellence, an innovative tool for organizations to better understand, manage and track their carbon footprints.

“The 360 Carbon Excellence program is a simple and effective, way to track carbon reduction activity,” says David Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy. “The activity based program provides organizations with a clear roadmap to guide them as they work to achieve their long-term carbon and energy goals.”

Through its holistic, business-based approach, 360 Carbon Excellence tracks and reports to various departments within organizations, allowing businesses to find ways to reduce emissions and cut costs in the process. The program engages and empowers all staff, from management to workers on the floor, in the carbon reduction process.

Samuel, Son & Co., a leading Canadian metals distributor and industrial products manufacturer, joined the 360 Carbon Excellence Program October 2021.

“We have always been dedicated to exploring new programs to improve our company’s energy use and reduce our carbon footprint,” says John Amodeo, chief financial officer of Samuel, Son & Co. “The 360 Carbon Excellence program gave us a roadmap and advice we could act on as we work towards achieving our long-term reduction targets.”

Organizations using the program can also take advantage of financial incentives offered by governments and many banking institutions looking to reward businesses that understand the stakes and put an effort into cutting carbon emissions.

The sooner organizations begin their carbon reduction journey heading towards net zero, the more they will save and the more carbon emissions they’ll cut.

If you review or advise on organizational progress when it comes to carbon emissions reductions, visit and join 360 Carbon Excellence today.