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Worker at a construction site using a computer tablet
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Construction management software has never been this easy—or comprehensive

Abio’s cloud and app-based software combines 40 years’ experience in the sector with a robust, efficient, and easy-to-use program to handle every task—all from the palm of your hand

Worker at a construction site using a computer tabletAbio’s robust and secure one-stop solution allows you to handle all of your construction management needs from one system (Image provided)

There’s an old saying in the construction world: You can’t build a wall with one stone. But you can manage your business with just one app. 

Meet: Abio, the cloud and app-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software made specifically for the construction industry. Abio’s trusted, best-in-class Canadian construction management software has made it a leader in construction management, providing a robust one-stop tool that handles virtually any task with proven efficiency.   

No longer do you have to grapple with the headache of switching back and forth between payroll tools and ERP software unequipped to handle Canadian payroll data. With Abio, all tasks—from sophisticated reporting and versatile job costing functionality to union deductions and remittances—are performed using a single system specifically tailored to the Canadian construction industry. Interprovincial nuances and other complex payroll factors are easy to navigate and Abio is built to work with estimating software and other key construction tools.

Abio helps you prepare professional quotes, arrange advanced purchase orders, simplify reimbursable tracking, tailor time and materials billing and execute mobile management in the field—all from the palm of your hand. And by tracking all job costing back to its most basic components—invoices, timesheets—you have access to detailed accounting unlike any other construction tool in Canada.

After four decades on the market supporting general contractors along with a wide-range of special trade contractors, the developers at Abio know what construction professionals—particularly those who manage large data—need to run their business management operations more smoothly. And they’ve worked to stay ahead of the curve, designing programs for minimal manual effort, making data easier to input, reliable to maintain, and readily available for detailed reporting.

“Abio has been through 40 years of technological change—as have our construction clients,” says founder Bruce Waring. “As our clients grew, we were instrumental in providing the information their staff, clients, and trades required.”

The result is an intuitive software management program built to handle the needs of the country’s largest construction firms, yet is an equally valuable tool for early-stage companies looking to adopt a new and efficient system. Most recently, Abio’s new cloud deployment—which includes secure backups and resource allocation—has only enhanced its capabilities.   

Because one of Abio’s fundamental goals is to make your life easier, they’ve made it easy to switch to their single-system software by offering free basic set-up for a limited time. Abio’s cloud package starts at $99 per month, and includes access to free online training guides. Abio’s roster of expert technicians are also available to personally help guide you through all Abio has to offer. 

Everything else in our world is becoming specialized. It’s time your construction management software did the same.

To receive a free demo or to call for a business assessment, visit and start your free trial.