Getting to equal: How digital is helping close the gender gap

Learn how digital fluency, the extent to which people embrace and use digital technologies to become more knowledgeable, connected and effective, is helping to close the gender gap and level the playing field for women at work.

If you are digitally fluent, it can provide a positive effect throughout your entire career lifecycle, and the effect benefits women more than men, according to a 2016 Accenture survey report.

Key findings:

  • Higher digital fluency results in increased workplace gender equality.
  • Education: Women’s rates rising more rapidly. Women appear to be leveraging digital through their education to a greater extent than men. When men and women have the same level of digital fluency, women have achieved a higher rate of education.
  • Employment: Digital helps women gain flexibility. Women’s employment opportunities increase as digital fluency increases. Digital fluency is creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs and women who are considering rejoining the workforce.
  • Advancement: Opportunities are evolving. While digital fluency helps women train for and gain employment, the relationship between digital fluency and women’s advancement is not as significant.
  • If governments and businesses can double the pace at which women become digitally fluent, it’s anticipated that we could reach gender equality in the workplace by 2040 in developed nations and by 2060 in developing nations.