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Data value primer: What is your data worth? Insights for CPAs

Learn about the many ways that data can enable value streams in your organization and explore seven different answers to the question, “What Is Your Data Worth?”.

For many organizations, data is an increasingly important strategic asset. While data rarely has value on its own, there are eight categories of value streams that data can enable. Which ones are relevant for your organization depends, in part, on your position in the data value chain.

This publication coaches you through alternative ways to measure the incremental value that data can create, so that your organization can optimize strategic decisions about investing in and monetizing data value streams.

Topics addressed include:

  • the unique characteristics of data relevant to evaluating its value potential
  • considering data value from seven different perspectives
  • which of six value concepts is relevant to each perspective
  • approaches for optimizing data value streams
  • selling, buying, or licensing data
  • considerations relating to valuation, tax, financial reporting, and public policy