CPAs are the stewards of trust and ethics in the digital age

The data economy is here to stay, and CPAs are well-positioned to bring ethical leadership to their organizations. Learn how to help organizations align their technology practices with societal values.

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With a focus on public interest in this digital age, CPAs will be the stewards of trust by providing strong professional judgment and integrity for effective decision-making.

Learn how Foresight: Reimagining the Profession is helping CPAs in complex critical thinking, ethical decision-making, transparency, accountability, leadership, and professional judgement in this emerging data-rich business landscape.

CPAs will continue to be on the frontline of facing ethical questions and public skepticism as organizations adapt new technologies to their advantage. As trusted leaders, the role of the CPA will need to evolve to ensure that business technology aligns with the values of society, including fairness, security, privacy, and transparency. The CPA role will evolve to be the champion of complex and ethically based decision-making amid the explosion of data in this new digital economy.

The CPA product is trust; therefore, integrity and ethical behaviour is paramount if CPAs are to retain and enhance their relevance to business and society. That is why we have assembled a team of CPAs and industry experts to lead our ethics and trust research and initiatives as part of the Foresight initiative. 

Tools and updates

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