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Mindset and enabling skills of professional accountants (Paper 4)

In our data-driven and AI-enabled world, CPAs need to explore new ways to bring value to their organizations. The paradigm shift towards competence points towards technological literacy and highly-tuned human skills.

Mindset and enabling skills of professional accountants: A competence paradigm shift completes our series of papers on trust and ethics. As stewards of trust in the digital age, CPAs’ technical competence will remain essential—albeit concentrated in new areas. At the same time, this paper makes the case that the accounting profession’s evolution should include broad technological literacy and finely-tuned professional and human skills. While this shift is underway in some organizations and jurisdictions, significant opportunities remain throughout the profession as a whole.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • roles and skills of the future
  • the transformation of the accounting profession
  • where CPAs can best add value
  • practical implications for the profession