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Foresight: The CPA Podcast

Evolve in your role with the podcast that prepares CPAs for what’s next. We have questions for the experts and answers for the ambitious.

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Season 6

Season 6 looks at the continued adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and explores the influence it will have on the accounting profession.

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Season 5

Season 5 dives into the emerging and developing issues and the fundamental shifts that will impact our workplaces and the accounting profession for the next five to ten years.

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Season 4

Season 4 answers the question, “what keeps you up at night?” from a CPA’s perspective, and explores what it means to be resilient in uncertain times.

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Season 3

Season 3 looks to answer questions like whether sustainability is an added burden or new opportunity, who should be responsible for it and whether the CPA can wait before incorporating sustainability into their practice.
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Season 2

In Season 2, topics include how CPAs can lead the drive to digital transformation, the role the CPA can play in fighting corruption and money laundering, and the roadmap to the modern CFO office.
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Season 1

This season explores topics such as what jobs CPAs will have in the future, the relevance of financial statements and looks at why accountants need to be the voice of ethics in the boardroom.
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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect those of CPA Canada.