Foresight: The CPA Podcast

Evolve in your role with the podcast that prepares CPAs for what’s next. We have questions for the experts and answers for the ambitious.

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Foresight: The CPA Podcast – Season 5

Season 5 unpacks the forces, factors and fundamental shifts impacting our workplaces, and driving change in the accounting profession for the next five to ten years. Our host, Neil Morrison, will dig into where those changes are coming from. You can expect to hear about the usual sources: technological change, automation and artificial intelligence, but a significant portion of the changes are being internally driven within the accounting profession itself. Tune in for engaging discussion in our latest six episodes as you prepare to approach the future of your career with clarity.

Foresight: The CPA Podcast – Season 4

Season 4 asks the questions: What keeps CPAs up at night? How can they be resilient in the face of unprecedented challenges? Where do you find opportunity in uncertain times? This season is about uncertainty and host Neil Morrison mines for courage in conversations with the leading voices in sectors including banking, technology, renewables and entertainment. Listen to the concerns and get practical guidance for your own professional journey in six 20-minute episodes, rich with insights and credible expertise. Tune in to get prepared for the unexpected.

Foresight: The CPA Podcast – Season 3

Season 3 explores the importance and impact of sustainability and how it relates to the accounting profession. There’s an opportunity for CPAs to become leaders on sustainability issues and our host and producer, Neil Morrison, speaks to current industry leaders to discuss the path forward in six 20-minute episodes. He looks to answer questions like: is sustainability an added burden or new opportunity, who should be responsible for sustainability, and whether CPAs can afford to delay incorporating sustainability into their practice. Whatever your stance on the topic, this season will get you prepared and up to speed. 

Foresight: The CPA Podcast – Season 2

Season 2 gets personal with CPAs asking how they’re embracing technology and finding new ways to engage in traditional activities. Episode topics include how CPAs can lead the drive to digital transformation, the role the CPA can play in fighting corruption and money laundering, and the roadmap to the modern CFO office. Hosts David McGuffin (English) and Jean-Sebastien Marier (French) are joined by industry innovators and leaders in eight 20-minute episodes. 

Foresight: The CPA Podcast – Season 1

Season 1 aims to ease CPAs into the uncertainties and complexities of today’s changing world. It explores topics such as what jobs CPAs will have in the future, the relevance of financial statements and looks at why accountants need to be the voice of ethics in the boardroom. Hosts David McGuffin (English) and Jean-Sebastien Marier (French) are joined by thought leaders and subject matter experts in six 20-minute episodes.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect those of CPA Canada.