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Episode 5: Meet the tax advisor’s newest partner: AI

Benjamin Alarie, CEO, shares insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) is being leveraged to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of tax research and advisory services.

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On this episode with Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J and a tax law professor at the University of Toronto, we explore another case study of an AI-driven platform penetrating traditional CPA competencies. Blue J's “Ask Blue J” platform allows professionals to input complex tax queries and receive detailed, sourced responses in conversational language. This shift signifies a move from manual research to a streamlined, AI-enhanced approach.

Tax professionals may feel anxiety towards the incursion of this powerful AI tool into their field, but Alarie argues that Ask Blue J complements rather than replaces human expertise. By automating early research stages, AI frees advisors to focus on strategic tasks like analysis and client advice, thus bolstering their role in the advisory process.

The conversation explores serious issues in AI integration into tax practices, such as data privacy, security and ensuring the accuracy of AI advice. Additionally, the episode digs into the thorny ethical and legal questions of who is ultimately accountable for the advice this AI offers. Is it the AI company or the CPA who relies on it.

Listen now for insights on AI’s transformative potential and the need for CPAs and tax professionals to grasp AI's opportunities and challenges in tax advisory, emphasizing the necessity for adaptability and continuous learning.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect those of CPA Canada.