Traits of today's CFO: A handbook

Traits of Today’s CFO: A Handbook for Excelling in an Evolving Role presents a detailed picture of the contemporary and future controller and CFO.

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Crunching the numbers, running financial reports and complying with rules and regulations are only a part of a contemporary CFO's or controller's work. Equally important is a CFO's participation on the executive team as a:

  • strategic leader of the finance function
  • strong communicator
  • high-level negotiator
  • builder of a collaborative environment

Drawing on studies of executives and leaders of finance teams, Traits of Today’s CFO presents a detailed picture of the contemporary and future controller and CFO and explains how to perform powerfully in these roles. It includes practical tools that will make this publication useful to your work now and throughout your evolving career, including:

  • checklists
  • self-assessments
  • position descriptions
  • coaching exercises

This publication explores the 10 critical skills that will help you add value to your organization and boost your career so you can quickly move to the next level of achievement. After reading this publication, you should be able to:

  • become the leader that your organization needs you to be
  • use coaching to make your organization stronger and better
  • become an advocate and coach for your team
  • develop into a powerful agent for positive change
  • take the 6½ key steps that make you invaluable
  • design a tailored action plan for your specific needs