Tim Duholke

Tim is a senior tax advisor and the leader of the Canadian Tax Group of DLA Piper LLP (Canada) (formerly Davis LLP). His practice is focused on real estate clients and high net-worth families that are dealing with tax problems surrounding succession and transition issues. Prior to joining Davis LLP, Tim was a partner at Sheinin & Company, one of the first “tax-only” boutique firms in Canada, providing taxation and related financial services to hundreds of small accounting and legal practices across Canada.

Tim had a significant leadership role in the Canadian Tax Foundation from 1999-2009. He was twice acting executive director and was chair in 2008-09. Tim is currently a member of the Accounting Standards Oversight Council, which serves the public interest by overseeing and providing input into the activities of the Accounting Standards Board and Public Sector Accounting Board.

Over the last 30 years, Tim has presented at numerous Canadian Tax Foundation conferences and seminars on a variety of topics, and has been a lecturer for the former Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and in professional programs for accountants, lawyers and financial planners in both Alberta and B.C. Tim is the co-author of the course Income Tax Issues in Real Estate, which he presents annually.

Tim received a Bachelor of Commerce (With Distinction) from the University of Alberta and a Fellowship from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia in 2001.