Suzannah Baum

A presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah helps entrepreneurs, business professionals and experts unleash their ultimate speaking potential. With more than 10 years in the public speaking field, Suzannah teaches both new and experienced speakers how create and deliver powerful presentations with confidence, clarity and power, thereby  allowing them to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build their careers and businesses, and stand out as the leader that they are.

Suzannah is also the creator of the Create A Signature Speech That Sells program, a one-of-a-kind speaker training program that shares her unique step-by-step formula for creating structured, engaging and compelling presentations.

Suzannah has been teaching public speaking at McGill University since 2005 and has worked with individuals and groups at Merck, the International Civil Aviation Organization, Roche Pharmaceuticals, the National Film Board of Canada, the Automotive Industry Association of Canada, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, L’Oréal, and many others. She has been featured on Global News, Breakfast TV Montreal and the Montreal Gazette, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Suzannah serves on the executive board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a member of the Global Speakers Federation. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, and a M.A. from Carleton University.


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