Sue Wazny, M.Sc., Diploma, Recreation Leadership, CCR

Sue is a highly sought-after speaker because of her energetic, humorous and engaging presentation style. She effectively pairs the subject theory with her poignantly relevant real life examples of how she has put her teachings into practice in her daily work. She has been an adult educator with numerous government agencies, educational institutions, social organizations and the private sector for the past 17 years. Sue delivers entertaining keynote addresses and plenary sessions at conferences on a wide variety of topics. Closer to home, she teaches a wide variety of courses in conflict management, communication skills and anger management, and provides keynote presentations on management, team building and leadership. For the past 12 years, Sue has been a faculty member at the Justice Institute of BC in the Centre for Conflict Resolution and, more recently, for the Police Academy where she teaches a variety of courses. In addition to her speaking engagements, Sue maintains a clinical practice that includes workplace mediation, team facilitations, performance coaching and critical incident stress management. She holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology, certificates in conflict resolution and mediation from the Justice Institute, and is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.