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Steven Williams

Steven has 20 years of experience with applying Lean and Six Sigma in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, mining, financial services, publishing, transportation and healthcare.  Steven is a practiced trainer and facilitator who can think strategically about Lean and tailor an organizational or industry-specific approach. 


Steven has supported both private and public sector clients in Lean, Six Sigma and process improvement. Some of his projects include:

  • Lean training and Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in support of a new business venture and the merger of three companies in the oil and gas sector.
  • Process Improvement Workstream Lead and Project Manager for  a digital transformation project at a large transportation company – Steven facilitated a VSM event to identify key business issues.  He led a cross functional team that identified and researched new technologies to resolve key business issues and meet strategic goals.  A roadmap for continued process improvement and implementing cutting edge technologies was developed, along with the associated business cases
  • Lean Six Sigma trainer and coach at a private mining company - Steven prepared material and delivered 4 weeks of Lean Six Sigma training (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to 11 Black Belt candidates.  He also provided coaching to Black Belt candidates on Lean Six Sigma projects.  In addition, he led Lean Practitioner training (Yellow Belt) based on the VSM methodology, and coached candidates on leading VSM events
  • Business Process Improvement Lead in support of a cloud software implementation at a public financial services company - Steven worked with program and business leadership to develop a roadmap for VSM events that aligned with the software development plan.  He was the lead facilitator on VSM events, while training and coaching business team members to facilitate VSM events through a “see, learn, do” methodology.