Stephanie D'Souza

Stephanie is the Finance Manager at ACTO Technologies Inc., an omnichannel learning and enablement platform for the life sciences. As the Finance Manager, she oversees all areas of finance, accounting, and administration and loves her integration with all areas of the fast-paced business. Stephanie comes from a public accounting background, where she obtained a rich experience providing assurance services for public and private clients in a wide range of industries. She uses her CPA mindset to excel in managing current and future risks of the business, as well as diving into challenging new projects alongside her team. She loves a good problem to solve. Stephanie most recently supported her team in securing US$18 million of B-round financing. 

Stephanie has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experience with others as a financial literacy volunteer and CPA mentor. In her spare time, Stephanie loves to advance her culinary expertise and enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends