Nav Dhunay

Nav has been called the “Game Changer” by Oil and Gas Magazine. He is a thought leader, serial entrepreneur and technology visionary. He’s the founder and COO of ambyint, a Calgary-based company that specializes in technology for the oil industry.

Disruptive and innovative technology has always been a clear focus and passion that led Nav to create, scale and successfully exit a string of technology startups at a young age. Notable among these was his first entrepreneurial venture, CanCow Corporation, an online auction site for the cattle industry, built from the ground up to a $1.5 million enterprise in just over 12 months. CanFlix was a technology designed to form the basis of the globally recognised Netflix and later came NavNet, a pioneering home automation technology.

Nav possesses many qualities found in the most notable entrepreneurs, namely foresight, determination and an unwavering belief in the power of joining forces to create new and revolutionary products. This enables him to build strong, intelligent and progressive teams of specialists, able to work collaboratively in order to solve big industry problems with simple and elegant solutions.

Currently in his sights is the disruptive, data-powered optimization of the traditionally risk-averse oil and gas industry. Nav had seen, early on, profound potential in connected devices (Industrial Internet of Things), machine learning and smart data analysis for oil and gas production. As a result, ambyint was founded with a goal to create a platform able to offer the game-changing capabilities of technology-based optimization to every single oil-producing well at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. With the unveiling of ambyint’s first product in 2015 and preliminary data from the field suggesting the technology is able to reduce operational costs by up to 70 per cent, increase production by up to 20 per cent and deliver material reductions to maintenance costs, it seems that Nav’s latest lofty goal is set to be achieved in the very near term.