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Maxim Atanassov

Maxim is a designated CPA-CA with 20+ years of business and economic development experience with a primary focus on the technology and energy sectors. He specializes in integrated risk management and assurance. Maxim has led number of business transformations globally with a focus on creating value from better management of high risk areas. Much of his work is focused on managing risk to/from strategy and identification of sustainable process improvement opportunities.

His experience includes 13 years with Deloitte & EY followed by 4 years as the Chief Audit Executive at 33B company. He is currently serving as the Director, Internal Audit at Husky Energy.

Maxim is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Future Ventures Corp., an early-stage, pre-seed and seed investment company, with a focus on founder-led, mission-driven companies at the cutting edge of disruptive technology. He is primarily focused on the creation of new industries and the evolution of the real estate industry.