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Marc Hurwitz

Dr. Marc Hurwitz


Marc is co-authors of the best-seller Leadership Is Half The Story: A Fresh Look At Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration (University of Toronto, Rotman Press), co-founders of FliPskills Consulting, an HR thought leader and innovator, and co-founders of FliP University, an online course startup, FliPing learning on its head.

Marc is FliP U’s Chief Insight Officer, and one interesting guy! He grew up as he says, “surrounded by rats in cages, bearded academics, strong female role models and psychedelic iconography,” as the son of parents who were hippies and PhD psychologists. Though he dreamed of being a theoretical physicist or one of the Beatles, his path in life keeps pulling him back to his love of learning. Marc has Masters degrees in math and physics, an MBA, and a PhD in neuroscience. He’s always trying to help others learn and bring out the best in themselves. Marc teaches entrepreneurship and leadership at the University of Waterloo, acts and directs community theatre, is a poet, and an avid pinball player.