Justen Harcourt

Justen Harcourt is the Vice President of the Consulting Group. He leads the Development Management business line, with over $800 million worth of assets under management.  

Being responsible for overseeing a variety of development projects, Justen understands the complicated approvals process and the need to balance all stakeholders involved. His determination and ability to innovate allows him to excel in providing sound development options in a competitive market. With years of practical experience, Justen is able to cater a development program specific to his Not-for-Profit client needs through in-depth knowledge of market data, planning context and approvals process.

Over the course of his career, Justen has garnered valuable working relationships with City Staff, BC Housing, CMHC financial lenders, architects, engineers, and more. He has experience working with a range of clients such as investors, Government, developers, and First Nations on strategic planning and development projects.