Jennifer Gervès Keen

Jennifer Gervès-Keen

Jennifer is an award-winning executive coach, facilitator and speaker, known for her direct, honest approach and her ability to immediately familiarize herself with new environments. Named in 2018, 2019 and again in 2020 by CEO Today Magazine as one of the top 100 outstanding consultancy experts across the globe, Jennifer holds the Master Corporate Executive Coach designation reserved for coaches operating at mastery levels within organizational environments. 

Her innate business acumen, her in-depth knowledge of organizational dynamics, and her international experience make her unique in the coaching profession. A published author, Jennifer has also received rave reviews for her book, Show Up Like a Coach, which walks the reader through how to use coaching skills to become a better communicator. 

A sought-after consultant and coach, Jennifer is committed to her clients’ success and is seen as an enterprise-wide business partner who leaves a positive impact on the entirety of every organization she works with. Continually fascinated by humanity’s forces and flaws, she views the world as a grand experiment, never getting bored with exploring the motivations behind human behaviour. She is particularly skilled at designing internal coaching programs and working with executives to enhance their leadership through powerful coaching.