Janice Tran Kanin

Janice Tran


Janice provides the leadership and financing strategy for Kanin Energy, an industrial decarbonization turn-key developer that works with heavy industry to turn their waste heat into 24/7 carbon-free power. Prior to Kanin, Janice was an early employee and director at Generate Capital, a project finance investment firm that focused on investing in renewable energy projects. Prior to Generate Capital, Janice worked at NRG, one of America’s largest power producers, to start their renewable microgrids business line. Janice also co-founded Student Energy, a non-profit which is today’s largest global charity dedicated to educating and uniting post-secondary students on energy issues.

Janice is a licensed Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada. She also has a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in New York. Janice also has a Master of Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan, and double majored with a BA in Philosophy and BComm in Accounting from the University of Calgary.