Chris Wood, CPA, CA, MMPA

Chris is a partner in PwC Canada’s capital markets and accounting advisory services (CMAAS) practice. He specializes in accounting for financial instruments and leads PwC’s global audit initiative on International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9, responsible for the development of methodology, tools and approach for the audit of IFRS 9. Chris is currently advising multiple major financial institutions on the adoption of IFRS 9, is actively involved in the transition audits of our top-tier financial institutions and represents the Canadian firm on PwC’s global IFRS banking committee.

Prior to joining CMAAS, Chris had a decade of experience as a consultant in PwC’s accounting consulting services practice, responsible for firm-wide interpretation and application of accounting standards. He has consulted extensively on IFRS, financial product structuring, fraud litigation, process improvement and valuation of financial instruments. He has also developed and delivered training on various complex accounting topics, authored PwC and industry publications on IFRS, asset management and financial instruments, and liaised with Canadian and international accounting standards setters and regulators on the development of accounting standards. He holds a master’s in management and professional accounting from the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management and a bachelor of arts in economics from McGill University.