Chris Edgelow

Chris is the founder and president of Sundance Consulting Inc., a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations change. Educated in both Canada and the United States, he has a graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences, majoring in Leadership and Change. He has worked extensively throughout North America as well as in many countries in Europe, Asia and Central America and the Middle East.

For almost three decades, Chris has consulted with a diverse range of organizations in every sector of the economy, leading projects and facilitating programs in the areas of leadership, organizations and change. He is a gifted, engaging facilitator with a dynamic, down-to-earth style. Predominantly practical in his approach, Chris helps leaders recognize and tell the truth about the challenges they are facing so they can begin the process of finding a way through the chaos of complex change.

Chris has taught at the university level and speaks at many conferences every year on topics relating to the magic and mystery of people, organizations and change. The focus of his work continues to center on helping people and organizations build the necessary leadership capacity to succeed in today’s dynamic environment.