Biren Agnihotri

Biren, whose title is Canadian intelligent automation leader for EY, is an associate partner in the company’s advisory services practice. Biren leads EY Canada’s intelligent automation (robotic process automation [RPA], cognitive and artificial intelligence [AI]) team. He has deployed a virtual workforce of 400 bots from inception to production, using various RPA and cognitive technologies. Biren has successfully transformed companies from RPA/AI proofs-of-concept to scaled implementation and shown the true return on investment of a virtual workforce.

He has successfully led the building of RPA and AI target operating models and communities of interest for some of Canada’s large financial institutions, and is considered one of the trusted RPA/AI experts in Canada by Intelligent Automation Forum.

Biren has more than 20 years of IT consulting and advisory experience working with “Big Four” consulting firms. He has a proven track record of leading large, complex and global IT and business transformation programs across various industry verticals, and is known for his cross-pollination of ideas across different industry sectors.