In-depth international tax

Boost your knowledge of the fundamental tax issues facing Canadian multinational corporations with foreign operations by attending our in-depth, on-site course.

Event Details

COMING SOON: Course will be offered in-person in Fall 2023 – more details to follow closer to the date.

If you would like to receive a notification when it reopens again, please email us.

Building on the international tax concepts covered in the In-Depth Tax Program, this in-residence course expands on the basic issues surrounding the taxation of foreign operations. You will learn about the most effective planning strategies to minimize tax for businesses that have expanded, or are considering expansion, outside of Canada.

NOTE: Some advance online study and reading is required.

You will learn about:

  • deemed active business rules
  • computation of surplus
  • foreign affiliate reorganizations
  • foreign accrual property income (FAPI)
  • foreign affiliate financing
  • partnerships
  • inbound taxation

Who should attend?

Tax specialists who:

  • would like a comprehensive overview of Canada’s international tax system
  • advise corporations on cross-border taxation issues
  • consult for specialized advisory firms or general firms with cross-border client files
  • are responsible for the internal international taxation of Canadian businesses
  • work in a government setting that deals with international tax for Canadian businesses


  • completion of ourIn-Depth Tax Course or Master of Taxation; and
  • work full-time in an international tax specialty group or have at least two years of work experience after the In-Depth Tax Course or Master of Taxation.

Professionals who do not meet these requirements may be admitted by special request.

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