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In-depth corporate reorganizations

This course (formerly Corporate Reorganizations) explores the most up-to-date issues, techniques and strategies for corporate reorganizations.

Building on the corporate reorganization concepts introduced in In-Depth Tax, this intermediate in-residence course covers the most recent technical amendments, current issues, techniques and strategies for corporate reorganizations.

Delve into detailed, technical tax rules and learn to identify tax planning opportunities for your clients or organization. You will also explore the top methods for effecting corporate purchases, sales and restructuring.

You will learn about:

  • methods for effecting:
    • corporate purchases
    • sales
    • restructuring
  • detailed technical tax rules
  • numerous tax planning opportunities

Topics include:

  • debt forgiveness
  • purchase and sale of a business
  • safe income and 55(3)(a) reorganizations
  • butterfly issues and spin-offs
  • business amalgamations
  • partnership reorganizations
  • bump and denial rules
  • and more

Who should attend?

CPAs and other tax professionals who:

  • advise corporations on corporate reorganizations
  • work in an industry setting and wish to expand their knowledge in this area or need a refresher to keep up to date with emerging trends and strategies
  • work in government settings that deal with corporate reorganizations


  • Completion of the In-Depth Tax Program or Canadian Master of Taxation, and two or more years of work experience in tax full-time; or
  • Have a minimum of 8 years full-time experience in a Canadian income tax role.

The 2024 session will be held in Ontario this fall (November). Sign up for our mailing list and we will alert you when session details are announced.

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