Sustainability is good business

Explore our resources to discover how organizations focusing on sustainability can successfully balance bottom-line results with other key factors, including impacts on society and the environment.

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Understanding the voluntary carbon markets

Keep up to date with this important research for a deep dive into the voluntary carbon markets and its associated criticisms, risks and challenges.

Sustainability reporting and assurance

From voluntary disclosures to standards, learn how to answer the societal call for transparent and reliable information and transform the role of the accounting profession in sustainable development. 

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Sustainability reporting updates

We have prepared a summary of the latest Canadian and global sustainability reporting developments, including an update on the development on assurance on sustainability reporting.
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State of Play: Social disclosure study

CPA Canada initiated a review of social disclosures by 25 Canadian publicly listed issuers across a range of sectors to better understand the nature and extent of social factors being disclosed and opportunities for improvements.
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ISSB: Resources and guidance

Prepare your entity for upcoming Sustainability Disclosure Standards issued by the ISSB with our suite of guidance and resources.

Climate change and path to net zero

Learn how to recognize, assess and mitigate the impacts of your business activities on the environment to create sustainable prosperity. 

Mark Carney

Mark Carney’s call to action on climate

In an exclusive interview, Mark Carney talks about the future of business and why we need to move fast to save the planet.
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Responding to the nature crisis

Nature is everybody’s business. Learn more about the GAA’s call for the accounting profession to address the crises in climate, nature loss and social inequality.
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Climate risk: Is it on your radar?

Investors want a position on a company's role and commitments to address the climate crisis. This document will provide board members with a better understanding of establishing that position about climate risks facing their organizations.
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ESG strategy and integration

Learn to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) into your business strategy and operations to provide a positive impact on long-term organizational performance.

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How CPAs can lead ESG initiatives

Understand the vital role CPAs can play to help organizations address emerging environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related risks, challenges, and opportunities.
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Why ESG can provide immense opportunities for businesses

ESG Annual Symposium session leader FCPA Lara Gaede talks about how to prepare for the future of sustainable finance and the roles accountants will play.
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Integrating ESGs: Guideline and case study  

CPAs are well positioned to lead ESG initiatives. Learn how to apply a five-step process to help organizations incorporate the most material ESG factors into existing strategy, risk management, financial planning, governance and more.
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Professional development and training

Take your sustainability profession to the next level with these sustainability courses, conferences and webinars from CPA Canada, which will help you obtain practical skills. 

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Sustainability and ESG certificate

The Sustainability and ESG certificate promotes and supports the ability of business professionals to assist an organization in creating value for the long term while considering the impact on society at large.
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