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A businessman touches his finger to a touch screen that displays various graphics.

Big data and business intelligence tools

Learn about the benefits, issues and risk-management strategies for managing big data and how business intelligence tools can help.

Businesses are challenged with analyzing large amounts of data. They need to know what data they have and how it can be effectively stored and accessed. Data integrity also becomes increasingly important as the reliance on data for business decisions increases. Concepts such as data-classification schemes, taxonomies and the use of metadata need to be understood and considered.

Are you or your clients capturing mountains of "big data" and using large volume information assets effectively for better decision-making?

Big Data and Business Intelligence Tools: Technology Spotlight answers these key questions:

  • How did big data analytics help a retailer deliver huge returns?
  • What are some privacy considerations in big data environments?
  • How to avoid erroneous data-driven decisions?