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Cybersecurity from the inside out

What are you doing to ramp up your cybersecurity game? Learn how to apply various risk management strategies to prevent, detect, and manage cybersecurity risks within your organization through standards compliance and operational decision support.

Laptop computer covered by a glass dome, clouds in background.

Daily reporting of data breaches and digital hacking events has become a regular occurrence. Businesses and NPOs of all sizes have the challenge and the opportunity to ramp up their cybersecurity game and focus on the layers of prevention, detection, and reaction as the key phases of modern risk management strategy.

With a focus on SMEs, learn how to budget for cybersecurity, transfer costly data risk using insurance policies, and prioritize key technological controls for maximum operational effectiveness.

You will find:

  • guidance on implementing practical approaches to preventing, detecting, and managing cybersecurity threats
  • a case study inspired by real events of approaches taken to mitigate against future cybersecurity risks