The Canadian REIT Handbook: Practical coverage of REITs for today’s world

Updated to include Amendment No. 1, The Canadian REIT Handbook provides you with insightful, timely coverage of REITs and the issues affecting the sector.

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The Canadian REIT Handbook provides broad, timely coverage of the key aspects of REITs for today’s fast-evolving legal and business environments. Now including Amendment No. 1, the REIT Handbook includes updated chapters on:

  • cross-border and international REITs
  • REIT trends
  • mutual fund trust status
  • several tax considerations
The REIT Handbook is useful as both a quick reference tool and a detailed text, regardless of your level of familiarity with REITs. It is intended for a variety of readers, including:
  • real estate owners, managers and operators
  • potential and seasoned investors
  • legal advisors
  • accounting and financial advisors
  • investment bankers
  • lenders
  • academics
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